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Our simple yet comprehensive project delivery process ensures your web development project, runs smoothly, on time, and fulfils all your business needs. Our primary goal in building your website is far from just designing a good looking site. Our mission is to support your business by providing you with a website that drives maximum user engagement, and delivers optimal ticket sales for your event. Our process helps unlock your website potential.

site nav structure
existing site information
social media links
google and facebook tracking

Understanding your goals and scope of work (SOW) for your new website.

The first step in our process is what we call  'The Discovery Phase'. This begins as soon we receive your project discovery form which can be obtained by contacting us. The discovery form is designed to gather all the essential vital information we need to start shaping your web project. It includes details like your current website information, social media links, desired pages for the new site, and specific digital marketing tools you use.

This step is about laying a solid foundation for your project. By collecting these details, we gain a thorough understanding of your current digital footprint and the scope of your needs. The information you provide helps us to tailor our approach, ensuring that we align our strategies and designs with your vision and objectives. It’s a vital step in ensuring that we're not just building a website, but creating a digital solution that truly resonates with your brand and audience.
brainstorm ideas
your vision for your future site
provide inspiration links

Brainstorming ideas, from your input + our experience to launch a perfect website.

Collaboration, is where our expertise meets your vision. If you don't have an internal design team or if you're looking for fresh perspectives, our team steps in to bridge that gap. It's all about good communication and working together to refine and enhance the concept for your ideal website.

Using the insights from the discovery form we engage in an important brainstorming process via conference call. This is where creativity and strategy come together. Our team suggests innovative ideas, potential 3rd party integrations, and design elements that you might not have considered before. We explore various avenues to ensure that your website isn't just functional but also visually striking and aligned with the latest digital trends.

We believe that the best results are born from a shared vision. This step is crucial in shaping a website that truly reflects your brand's identity and meets your specific goals. In the the words of Jerry McGuire: "Help us, help you!"
flowchart and wireframe
project management setup
api key info gather
webflow project setup

We gather design assets, plan, wireframe and organize all ideas shared.

Following a thorough discovery phase and collaborative brainstorming in step two, we transition into the 'Architect' stage of our process. In this step, the groundwork laid by understanding your needs and the creative ideas generated during collaboration are transformed into a structured, production project plan for our internal use for all developers and designers involved.

We take the insights and concepts developed earlier and start building the blueprint of your website. This involves outlining the site’s architecture, receiving any key art or ad mats we might need, deciding on the flow and structure of content, and planning the technical integrations, such as your ticketing API, that will bring your site to life.

We focus on creating a coherent and strategic framework that aligns with your objectives, ensuring that every aspect of the site – from user interface design to functionality – is meticulously mapped out. This stage is where our expertise in web development converges with your vision. We consider every component, ensuring that the website’s foundation is robust and adaptable to future enhancements. The Architect phase is critical as it turns the vision and collaborative ideas into a concrete, actionable plan, setting the stage for the actual production of your website.
creative process
access to the webflow cms
cms training

Design and Development, shaped by insights we've gained from previous steps.

The Production phase is where the concepts and plans materialize into a tangible, dynamic website. Depending on the project's scope and size, we may start building out the website in Figma or directly in Webflow.

During this stage, we operate exclusively in a password protected staging environment, separate from your existing website, to ensure a private smooth transition. This is especially crucial for clients migrating from a previous platform to Webflow, as it involves the careful transfer of data to maintain the integrity and functionality of your content. We may also collaborate with you to ensure we have all necessary assets and nothing gets left behind. This includes sourcing materials from your galleries via Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other repositories where digital assets could be stored. Final delivery of key art and ad mats are integral during this phase to ensure the site visually aligns with your brand identity.

Our process is designed to keep you engaged and informed. Around the halfway mark, we provide you with early access to your site, offering a sneak peek into the progress and ensuring everything aligns with your expectations. As we reach about 75% completion, we begin granting CMS access. This allows you to start collaborating actively, adding and updating content such as FAQs, About and other vital information. This step is critical in ensuring that the final product is a true representation of your vision and needs.
qc & testing
qc & testing
cross platform testing
mobile menus and responsive layout
test and test again

Refine and perfect every detail, ensuring your site is ready to engage and impress your users.

Quality Assurance and Testing, a critical stage where we ensure your website is polished and ready for launch. Initially, our primary focus is on desktop optimization, ensuring that the site looks impeccable on larger screens. Once the desktop version meets our high standards, we delve into the crucial task of optimizing for mobile. Given that 70% to 80% of users are likely to experience your site on mobile devices first, we place immense emphasis on ensuring the mobile version is not just functional but exceptionally user-friendly and visually appealing.

Our internal Quality Control (QC) team conducts thorough testing on various mobile devices, meticulously checking every aspect of the site's performance and design. During this process, our QC team identifies and logs any possible issues we resolve as quick as possible to keep the momentum going. We also encourage client involvement in this phase, inviting you to review and submit any concerns or observations. This collaborative approach to quality assurance ensures that the website not only meets our high standards but also aligns perfectly with your initial expectations.

By the end of this phase, we aim to have your full approval and confidence to move forward by proceeding to launch your new official event website.
going live!
qc & testing
dns record updates
cms access on your live domain
ensure all tracking code is installed

This is it! Your new website is ready to go live, but before we do, a few important steps are required.

This is where all our collaborative efforts culminate in launching your new website to the world. To ensure a smooth transition from your old website to the new one, we meticulously gather all necessary site and domain registration information. This step is crucial for updating A records and CNAME records, pivotal in guaranteeing that the switch happens seamlessly, without any downtime.

An essential part of this phase is coordinating with Tixr, the ticketing company. We ensure that your website's go-live date is perfectly synced with the ticket release on Tixr’s platform. This synchronization is vital for providing a smooth checkout experience for customers coming to your site to purchase tickets.

We understand that domain registrar updates can be technical, which is why our team is prepared to assist or even handle the process on your behalf should you need this level support. Our expertise ensures that the transition is swift and efficient, typically taking the site live within a matter of minutes.

Once the website is live, you gain full control over Content Management via the Webflow CMS editor, marking the beginning of a new phase in your digital presence. However, our support doesn't end there. You always have the option to reach out to our team for assistance or support whenever needed. Our goal is to not only launch your website successfully but also to empower you with the confidence and tools to manage and evolve your site going forward.
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